Jonathan d.

one day a teacher asked little jonny to go home and memorize his spelling words so he did as told. THAT night he asked his brother but he aceditelly walked in on him and his girlfreind having a big argument and so he said bro what is this word and not hearing little jonny he hollered at his girlfreind shutup bitch so he wrote it down and then he went and asked his father he said dad what is this word his dad was watching deal or no deal and his mom was on it and she won 204,000 dollars and he said hell yea so he wrote it down. then he went and asked the nanny not noticing little jonny she was having sex with her boyfreind and she said give me as much as you want so little jonny wrote it down and then he went to his grandma and she was cooking so he asked her scaring her she jerked around and knocked grease on the burner her bread cought on fire and she hollered my buns on fire. so the next day he went to school with his list of spelling words and his teacher asked him did you memorize the spelling words he said number 1:shut up bitch . then she said you r goin to the office mister then number 2:hell yea when he got to the office the princaple asked how many whuppins he wanted he said number 3:as many as you want baby so when she got done whuppin him out came number 4:my buns on fire

funniness: 5.06

rating: PG-13