Lee R.

Teacher: Okay, I'm calling on you to say words that begin with the letter I say. Okay, Susie, name a word that begins with 'A'. Susie: Apple. Teacher: Good. (At the letter 'R') Ernie: Ooh, ooh, me!! Teacher: Okay, Ernie, what word begins with the letter 'R'? Ernie: Rat! Teacher: Good-- Ernie: Yeah, rat, a big fuckin' rat! ---------------------------------- Teacher: Now what around our school begins with the letter 'C'? Ernie: I know! The cock! (points to the metal rooster on the roof) Teacher: That is very good. Ernie: 'Cause if it was a pussy, the wind would blow right through it!

funniness: 2.22

rating: PG-13