A R.

Little Billy was walking down the street when he sees all his friends outside a house, looking very eager. He went over to his friend, Timmy, who was jumping to see. "Hey, Timmy, what's going on? Why is everybody here?" Billy said. "Oh, hey, Billy," Timmy replied, "The man who lives in this house has an amusement park and he's going to let us in. Then he is going to give us, one at a time, a tour of his house." "Okay, when you get in, ask to use the phone," Billy said. "Why?" Timmy asked, confused. "So you can call the cops," Billy said. "And what will you be doing?" Timmy asked. "Running like fuckin' hell!" Billy said as he turned and ran.

funniness: 5.00

rating: PG-13