will t.

one day when jonny turned up at school he realised that he was suposed to bring something for show and tell but it had totally crossed his mind. As he entered the classroom he was woried that his classmates would think he was stupid so quickly grabbed a spider out of the corner of his desk and sat down. it then came for his turn in show and tell and he quickly explained that his show and tell was a scientific experiment, intreadged the teacher allowed his to continue. jonny put the spider on one corner of the desk then walked to the other corner and called for the spider and amazingly it came to him but the teacher enquired what this had to prove. next he grabbed the spider and pulled of his legs and put it in the same corner and called for it again but it stayed completely still. shocked the teacher again asked what this proved. jonny then said 'well miss my experiment proves that when you pull off all the legs on a spider, it goes def'

funniness: 4.45

rating: G