Kobi M.

A man decides that he needs some personal time with somebody other than his wife. He thinks to himself, "Sure, my wife is great in bed, but I need something different...hmmm....I know! I'll go to a whore house!". He does just that. After paying and being sent to a room, he gets into bed with a stunning 22 year old. She asks him, "Hey, do I know you, you look familiar...". The man is confused, since he had never seen that woman or been to a whore house before, until he remembers that his twin, George, is a single guy and is probably a regular in the place. So he answers, "No, no, it was probably my twin brother." The woman nods, and does her thing. The man has a great time, and after it's all done, he says to the woman,"Wow, you're even better than my wife!". "Yeah," says the woman. "Your brother said that too."

funniness: 6.13

rating: R