Nathan V.

Who would win in a fight... (Please think violently) A Smurf or an Umpalumpa? Bill Clinton or George W. Bush? The Power Rangers or the Ninja Turtles? The Kansas City Royals or the Houston Texans? Dick Cheney or The whole Disney cartoon cast? Sammy Sosa or Jose Canseco? Spongebob or Patrick? The Cast of C.S.I. Miami or the cast of C.S.I. New York? Bart Simpson or Mick Jaggar? Greenday or the Beatles? Gandhi or Rambo? A dilivery boy from Dominoes or Emril? Your mom or your dad? You and the Marines or your siblings and the army? Starsky or Hutch? Freddy or Jason? A hobo with a pen or a hobo with two pencils? A telemarketer or a door to door salesman? The winner of Jeapordy or the winner of The Price is Right? Adam Sandler or Mel Gibson? A martain or Mike Tyson? I know these will keep you busy for a while so please go back, take your time, and think. Im gunna come back with more of these later! Until next time, ROCK ON!

funniness: 2.30

rating: G