Jeff N.

A preacher is preparing a sermon for the Sunday sermon,and he needs a reference book from the closet ,when he gets to the closet he finds a half dozen of eggs and a box with $10,000 in it .He thinks to himself that his wife is finally going senile. He goes downstairs and says to his wife "Honey I have a couple of questions" and she tells him to go ahead, he asks her why there is a half dozen of eggs in the closet, she tells him "because eveytime you give a bad sermon I put an egg in there. Now the preacher is thinking to himself ""hmm! I must being doing good,after almost 40 years of preching and only 6 eggs""he then asks her about the box with the $10,000 dollars in it. She replies with " when I get the dozen filled I sell it""

funniness: 6.38

rating: PG