Brad M.

It?s happy hour at the local sports bar, and the cops are waiting just outside the parking lot, ready to catch any unsuspecting drunk drivers. A man comes stumbling out of the door and heads to his car, clearly drunk. The police cruiser pulls up beside him and asks him how much he had to drink. He responds in slurred words, ?Noth mush?. The officers request the man to do a breathalyzer test, and he complies. The first test comes back negative, so they try it again. The second test also comes out negative, the officers, now mystified, say they?ll have to take him to the station to do a breathalyzer test there, as theirs is clearly broken. The man responds, ?Oh, that won?t be necessary officers". When they ask him why, he replies, ?Because tonight, I?m the Designated Distraction.?

funniness: 4.60

rating: PG