Conan S.

Timmy's parents had a fight, and now they were pissed at each other. Timmy went to his mom's room and heard, "What a fucker!" Timmy asks, "Mommy, what's a fucker?" She responds "It's what all men are Timmy." Timmy goes into his dad's room and hears, "They're all bitches!" "Dad, what's a bitch?" "Timmy, its what all women are." He decides to go into his brother's room. He has an IM up, and it says "Dood, my dick is bigger than all of urz combined!!" Timmy pops up from behind and asks, "Whats a dick?" Surprised, his brother responds, "Uh.. they're uh.. genitals..I mean shoes.. Timmy." "Are they genitals or shoes?" "Dicks are genitals, and genitals are shoes, Okay Timmy?" He saw that his dad was still pissed, but was getting hungry. So he saw him cutting some chicken in the kitchen counter, and he accidentally cut his finger and yells "FUCK!" Without missing a beat, "Dad, what does fuck mean?" "IT'S WHAT IM DOING TO THIS CHICKEN, GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE." Slumping, he goes into his mom's room, where she messes up her make-up because Timmy suddenly enters the room. "SHIT!" "Mom, what does shit mean?" "IT'S WHAT I HAVE ON MY FACE THANKS TO YOU!" Later, the guests arrived and Timmy was at the door to greet them. "Hello bitches and fuckers, you can place your genitals inside the closet and if you'll follow me, my dad is fucking a chicken in the kitchen, and my mom is smearing shit on her face in her room."

funniness: 5.79

rating: PG-13