Jack H.

3 guys had just got out of the desert and they were starving and when they finally saw a house they said "we're goin in there and askin for a meal no matter what" So the first guy walks up there and knocks on the door and an old lady peeks her head out and says "I'm the finest cook around and I'll give a delicious 3 course meal to whoever is willing to eat me out." the guy says "oh it wont be that bad" and she takes him up to the attic and he throws up her skirt and sees this discusting green scab over her pussy and he gets scared and jumps out the window. The next guy gets enough nerve to go up and does the same thing, whips up the skirt and sees that scab and jumps right out the window. The third guy says screw this im hungry and he tears that scab off throws it out the window and eats the old lady out. He found out that the lady was the finest cook around and he ate until there was absolutely no room left. Being the considerate guy he was he shoved two chicken wings in his pocket for the other poor guys. He brought it out to them and they said they didn't want it because they already ate the pizza he threw out the window.

funniness: 5.22

rating: R