steven c.

Once there was a mom and a dad, and they had a young daughter. They decided, that with all the things going on in the world today, they would start to teach their daughter what to do in emergency situations. They went through the usual 911, and how to allways go to an adult when there was trouble. Then, one day the dad and his daughter where on their way to the movies, and when they where in the car, the dad reminded her that if anyone tried to take her or do anything, to yell and screem, "YOU"RE NOT MY MOM/DAD! GET AWAY!" So, they sat down and enjoyed their movie, and when they came out, the girl herd a song on the redio she liked, so she sang, and the dad turned it up amd rolled down the window,and the girl said, "Daddy, can i sing realy loud! Can I yell?!" The dad was like what the heck, and he told her to go for it. So, the little girl started to yell at the top of her lungs, with the windows down, "You're Not My Daddy!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!"

funniness: 4.00

rating: PG