alyasso h.

after the death of her husband, this woman decided that she will not have sex anymore. after few months, she did get the "fever" and she wanted it so much. she get to her neighbor and asked her to the neighbor gave her a tip,"go to the nearby sex-store and get youre self a vibrator" so that's what she did, she entered the store, all confused, a guy that work their approched and asked her "how can i help u mam" she tolds him what's she's seeking for, "sure mam, we have alot of those" just near the toilets door. so she went their and after a while she came back so happy, she asked the guy "sorry sir, but i want the red and black one" he responds, in a confusing way "wich red and black" so she pointed "this one sir" the store guy looked amaizengly and said "plz mam its the fire extinctor, choose something else".

funniness: 3.92

rating: R