Alexis J.

A boy Johnny was late for school one day and was there like around ten o'clock. When he got there, the teacher asked him why he was late. He told her that he was on Cherry Hill. She asked him if that was a street. He said it could be. The next day he got to school late again and this time his excuse was being on Candie Lane. The teacher got a " those people sound familar" look on her face. She asked him if it was a street. He said it could be. When the teacher got home she found out that her daughter, Cherry Hill and her niece Candie Lane got pregnant at the same time.That's when she realized Johnny was on those girls. When she saw Johnny she told him that she thought he said they were streets. He told her he didnt say that. He said they couldv'e been.

funniness: 2.33

rating: PG-13