Katie H.

Three girls waited at the pearly gates and finally St. Peter let them in. He showed them around and there were lots of ducks. Before St. Peter let them go he told them the only rule: You can't step on a duck. after an hour or so the first girl stepped on a duck. St. Peter came and chained her to a REALLY ugly man for all eternity. then, after a couple of days, the second girl stepped on a duck and she was chained to an even UGLIER guy than the first for all eternity. The third girl was VERY careful not to step on a duck and she never did. one day St. Peter came to her and chained her to a BEAUTIFUL man. she then said, " wait why am i being chained to someone? i never stepped on a duck!" then the man told her, " you didn't, I did "

funniness: 5.69

rating: PG