unam b.

Three guys are on death row and are given three different options on how they wish to die. They will either be hung, put on the electric chair, or injected with AIDS! The first guy, after having his last meal, chooses to be hung. Feeling that was the best way to go, he dies. The next day, after thinking it through for a long time, the next guy decides to be electrocuted. The switch is pulled and he goes. The last dude felt he had found a way to escape death. He had been doing some research and told the officials that he would rather be injected with AIDS. After the first needle, the guy laughs. The second injection is inserted, and the man laughs even louder than before. After a couple more injections(And growing laughter) the exercutioner finally asks: "Why are you laughing" The man replies: "I'm wearing a condom stupid"

funniness: 6.35

rating: PG-13