Courtney B.

After this little boy played outside, he was really dirty, so he asked his Mom if he could take a shower with her. "Sure," she said, " just close your eyes." But he got curious and looked. " What are those?" He pointed up. "Thore are, my headlights." " What's that?" He pointed down. "That's, my garden." She said. After that shower he asked his Dad if he could take a shower with him. "Sure, but just dont look down." He said. But once again he got curious and looked down. "What's that?" He pointed down. " That's my, snake." So one night he had a bad dream, so he went to tell his Mom. He went in his Moms room, took off her covers, and said, " MOM! TURN ON YOUR HEADLIGHTS! THERE'S A SNAKE IN THE GARDEN!!!"

funniness: 3.50

rating: PG-13