jessica n.

A woman goes to the doctor looking for something to make her bed life more exciting. She gets some pills for her husband and the doctor says "Remember dont give him to many. call me in the morning and let me know how they work." She thanks him and is on her way. The next morning she calls the doctor as ordered and says, "omigod doc he was great last night but i want more I'm gonna give him two pills tonight!" and hangs up the phone. the next day she calls him back and says, "he was amazing last night but i think I'd like more effort on his part. Im gonna give him three pills tonight!" and hangs up the phone. the next day later then all the others, she phones him once more and says, "doctor he was simply AMAZING last night but i still want more...I'm curious to see what he would be like if i gave him the whole bottle..." the doctor tries to talk her out of it but the woman would just not listen. the next morning the woman's son comes storming into the doctor's office screaming at the doctor. "why did you tell my mother to give dad the whole bottle of pills?" the doctor replies saying "I didnt I tried to talk her out of it but she wouldnt listen. Why? what happened?" "Well," the boy says,"my mom is dead my sister is pregnant and my dad is lying on the couch saying 'here kitty kitty!'"

funniness: 5.72

rating: PG-13