Rob S.

There was a bus load of extremely ugly people driving down the road one day, when they suddenly drove off a cliff. The bus then exploded and everyone died. Well, when they got to heaven, God realized that he had quite the predicament, "You see, there are two reasons why I can't let you into heaven, the first is that you people are just soooo ugly that it's a sin. Second, it's not your time to die yet...." God thought for a while and came up with a plan: "I will grant you each one wish and then send you back to Earth." So every one lined up. Now the first man was pretty smart, he said to himself, "I'm sick of being ugly..." then looked up and shouted "I wish I was drop-dead gorgeous" and BAM!, there he was. The rest of the ugly people thought this was a good idea, so one-by-one they each requested the same thing and waited aside for everyone to finish. All of a sudden the last guy in line started snickering to himself, and as the line progressed he just laughed harder and louder until he was rolling on the floor, clutching his sides, and had tears streaming down his face. All of the others were talking amongst themselve, "what's up with that guy...what's his deal?" Finally it was the last guy's turn. As everyone watched he got up, wiped the tears from his face and said "I wish they were ALL ugly again!"

funniness: 6.63

rating: G