Three man meet in the woods for a camping trip. As they stroll through the forest to get to their campsite one of them sees a anthill. The first man says "I bet with you that I can sit on this anthill longer than both of you together". The other agree and go of to set up the tent near a little lake. After fifteen minutes, the man on the anthill came back running and jumped into the lake. "Damn ants, they bit me. Man that hurts on you ass." said the first man. "Well I think thats my turn now." Said the second man and went to sit on the anthill. After thirty minutes he came back running and also jumped into the lake. "Damn ants, they really hurt. But I was so far the longest on the anthill" said the second man and the third man went to also sit on the anthill. The first and second man sat at the fire, the sun set, three hours over, the third man didn't came. They started to worry. Five hours and he still wasn't there. "Should we go to see where he is?" asked the first man but at in the same moment, the third one strolled relaxed towards the fire and sat down. The first man asked, "How could you sit so long on the anthill? Didn't they bite you?" "Well, no, they didn't bite me. After I killed one of the ants, the rest went to the funreal so I was alone." Said the third man.

funniness: 5.10