Viriya L.

Dear #riend, The$e daY$ and night$, I?ve got a #eeling blue. I wa$ $en$ele$$ to think about You, and many other$ el$e whom u$ed to be di$turbed ?razilY. MY propertY po$$e$$ion wa$ $poiled un$olveablY. Lo$$ it I?m hal#, plu$ it I?m whole. $omething e$$ential $udden lo$t awaY, and ?au$ed me $leeple$$ without ?o##ee. It?$ about the $ad $torY that You would never reali$ed. It?$ about $omething of mY own $ake, in$eparable to the$e $alient $Ymbol$. You under$tand what I mean? I Wi$h I ?ould re?on$tru?t the high ?la$$ li#e $tYle on?e again and be?ome $o pea?e#ullY ?heer#ul a$ I u$ed to be $o #ar and $o near ! A $ad #riend of your$, Ya Ya