Mike T.

One day, the MLB decided to hold a race through the Sahara Desert to see which types of fans were the best in the MLB. This race included one Angels fan, one Red Sox fan, one Diamondbacks fan, and one Yankee fan. The object was to see who could make it through the desert the quickest and whoever won recieved $1,000,000. Each participant was allowed one item to bring with them. The Angels and Diamondbacks fans both brought waterbottles and when asked why they each replied,"In case I get thirsty." The Red Sox fan brought an umbrella and when asked why replied, "If it gets extremely hot, I can be in shade to cool myself off." And then there was the yankee fan. This man showed up with a car door. When asked why he brought the car door as his item he replied, " I brought the car door so I can roll the window down in case it gets hot."

funniness: 5.14

rating: PG