Sean L.

So there was this prawn named Justin; he lived his life taking each day as it comes doing the same old things, day after day, with his best friend, Christian.Christian was also a prawn and he and Justin spent a great deal of time together. They were such good friends that they would often share their deepest, darkest secrets with each other and tell each other stories and help each other out when they were in trouble. However, this day was going to be different to any other, because on this day something happened that could have separated Justin and Christian forever. The two friends were clearing out Christian?s garage when Justin came across a dusty old oil lamp. He wiped the dust off it and gave it a quick polish until he could see his face in the reflection, when all of a sudden a Genie popped out in a puff of smoke. The Genie spoke in a deep and menacing voice, ?You have summoned me from my lamp,? he bellowed, ?I will grant you one wish?. All his life, Justin had wanted to know what it was like to be a human. He had seen them once when he was young and noticed the peculiar way they move a talk. He had always dreamt of what it would be like to walk on dry land. Justin closed his eyes tight and said, ?I wish I was a human being, living on dry land.? The Genie replied, ?What you ask requires a test of worthiness, there is no life more precious than that of a human being.? He went on, ?I will grant you your wish for one day. If you can prove yourself worthy in those twenty-four hours then you may remain a human for the rest of your days.? Justin, overjoyed with excitement, agreed to the conditions and covered his eyes with anticipation. With an almighty flash and crack of thunder Justin was plucked from the sea bed and planted on dry land in the form of a human being. Immediately, Justin went off in search for something to prove himself worthy of human life. He tried many things to no avail, and as the hours passed by he got more and more anxious to achieve his task. Eventually, he got so angry because he couldn?t prove himself worthy that he screamed out, ?WHAT MUST I DO!?? This disruption of the peace was heard by all around including the Vicar of the local Church. The Vicar approached Justin to see if he could help. Justin explained his situation and the Vicar suggested that he should ?Repent of his sins.? Having tried everything else, Justin decided that it was worth a shot. He went into the church, repented and gave his life to the Lord. At that moment the Genie appeared to him once again. ?You were cutting it a bit close, Justin. You nearly didn?t make it then.? said the Genie, ?You have proved yourself worthy to remain in human form. Tell me now; do you want to stay as you are for the rest of your days?? Justin thought for some time and after considering the options he explained, ?I have always wanted to be a human, but the last day has been really hard and my friend who normally helps me through difficult times can?t be here. I miss him and I want to return to the sea.? The Genie understands and with another flash and bang, Justin is returned to be with his friend in the see. Justin is overcome with joy once again, this time because he has returned home. When he sees his friend he greets him with open arms exclaiming: ?I?m a prawn again Christian!?

funniness: 2.95

rating: G