nika c.

An airbase patrol was losing height so they decided to throw some objects overboard in the hope it would lighten the load ... first they dropped a handgun but it didnt help so they dropped a machine gun... it still wasnt working so they dropped a bomb ... well that didnt seem to work either so they went to land in an emergency landing field. as the pilot was walkin along he saw a man crying in th middle of the street. He asked him what was wrong and he said a handgun had dropped on his head ... well the pilot walked on , head down. then he came upon another man who was also crying , again he asked him what was the matter, he said a machine gun dropped on his head , well the pilot walked meekly on yet again. then he came upon a man laughing so hard he didnt notice the pilot untill ten minute later who was stood frozen in shock at the blown up building , he asked the man why was he laughing when his house was blown to bits, he replyed, 'i farted, and the house blew up!!'

funniness: 5.96

rating: G