Anjelea F.

one night this girl came to babysit a little boy. The mom told her that the boy could do whatever he wants and that if she does what he says she will get paid extra. So the babysitter plays with the boy and eventually it is time for them to go to bed. The boy asks her to read him a bedtime story, she tells him she doesnt want to. The boy says that his mommy to do what he wants for extra money. She really wants the money so she reads him the story. After the story he asks her to get in bed with him. Again she doesnt want to but he says that his mommy does and she will get payed more money so she gets in bed with him. The little boy asks her to take off her clothes because thats what his mommy does, the girl is uncomfortable but wants the money and its just a little boy. She takes off her clothes and gets into bed with him. After a few minutes he asks if he can play with her belly button becuse his mommy lets him do that. After a few moments the girl says ok. The little boy goes under the covers to play with her belly button. Suddenly the girl says thats not my belly button and the little boy says I know and thats not my finger!

funniness: 5.41

rating: PG-13