Ray W.

There were three girls, a blonde, a red-haired and a brunette. They were happily walking along, but they were carrying very weak shopping bags with metal things in them. The brunette had bought a metal assortment of saucepans,they came in a box. The red-haired had bought a mini metal statue, it was a strong metal, but it didn't come in a box. Now, the blonde had bought a MASSIVE trophy, (probaly because she couldn't win the damn thing anywhere.) On the way home, the blonde kept on staring inside the red-haired's bag. "What is that? What is that?" she asked over and over again. The red-haired girl got bored, so she started swinging her bag around. Well, she obviously stopped doing that when the mini statue swung out of her bag, onto the road, and ran over by a car. "Oh no!" she cried. The brunette laughed until her bag broke, so the box came flying out of the bottom of it, the box opened, and bye-bye saucepans. "I needed those!" she shouted. The blonde said, "Nothing's gonna get my trophy out of this bag!" She laughed a lot. Then, whilst crossing a road, she got hit by a car, her trophy smashed in pieces. Then it was like she was the filling in a sandwich, bread being cars. Then the police came. "You can't by trophys, you stole that!" The blonde sighed. "Oh, shit." KABLAM!

funniness: 2.00