Tomy A.

Three guys have been walking thru the desert for 2 days. They are dehydrated, they are hungry, and they are tired. One man believes he sees a house in the distance. They all accuse him of seeing a mirage until they all get a little closer and realize there is a house all alone in the middle of the desert. They run to the house seeking shelter and nourishment. They ring the doorbell of the house, and a HUGE, UGLY, NASTY BITCH answers the door. This chick has more rolls than the day old bread rack. Anyway! They all feign back in terror. One gathers the courage to speak, and says "May we please have some water"? The woman answers by bellowing with a deep manly voice, "You know, I haven't had any sex in over 8 years....If one of you gives me a good hammering, the you can have as much water as you like". One man is selected as the candidate. He slips into the room she has entered, to find her naked on the bed with her legs spread wide open. Cobwebs, spiders, dirt, and a strange odor resembling gangrene infection accompany her large thighs. The man regurgitates on the floor silently. While on the floor, he sees a basket of husked corn by the bed. An idea sparks. He grabs an ear of corn, shoves it in and out 3 times, then chucks it out the open window. He repeats that action 4 times. She stands up, exhausted, and escorts him outside. She says aloud "OK, you can have all the water you want now". The men come from around the corner and say "Fuck the water, we want some more of that buttered corn!!"

funniness: 7.18

rating: R