Breeanna J.

Here is alot of yo'mama jokes,ok hit it! * * * * Yo mama is so fat..when she wanted a waterbed,they had to put a blanket over the Pacific Ocean. Yo mama is so poor....I was riding my skateboard down the street and she yelled,"Hey get off of my couch! Yo mama is so poor...I was taking out my trash and she yelled,"What are you doing with my refrigerator?!" Yo mama is like a gas station.....everybody pumps and keeps on going. Yo mama is so dumb....I told her to go buy a colored T.V she asked me,"What color?" Yo mama is is so hairy....she has afros on her nipples. Yo mama is so skinny....she can dodge raindrops. Yo mama is so fat...she falls off all four sides of her bed. Yo mama is so fat and greedy.....a school bus drove passed her and she said,"Hey,stop that Twinkie!" Yo mama is so ugly.....when she look in her mirror,her reflection ducked! Yo mama must have been born in the Dark Ages because she looks terrible in the light! Yo mama is so fat...she put on a yellow jump suit and came to a school and all the kids said,"Hey,here comes the school bus!" Yo mama is so poor.....she chases down a garbage truck with her shopping list! Yo mama is like a slot machine....everybody gets a turn! Yo mama is like a bus....doesn't smell good and only takes a dollar to ride. Yo mama is like a Big Mac....only costs a dollar. Yo mama is like crack......everyone does her but no one admits it. Yo mama is so stupid and fat.....I told her she could get on my computer,she sat on it and broke it! I'm only twelve and smart right now ya'll PEACE!

funniness: 4.05

rating: PG