Fernando P.

Adam and Steve were car pooling to work, but a red light runner crashed into them, and Steve never made it. Steve awoke from his sleep only to find him self in clouds. He was scared and confused, then called out, "Hello?!" Steve waited a moment, and then a deep GREAT voice said, "WHO ARE YOU?" Steve said, "I'm Steve...who are YOU?" The voice said, "I AM GOD!" "God?...that means I'm..." "YES STEVE...YOU ARE DEAD, BUT YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD YET...NOT FOR FIVE MORE YEARS." "Really?...so can I go back then?" "OF COURSE YOU CAN STEVE, I SHALL RETURN YOU AS A SPIDER." "A spider?!" "A SPIDER AND ONLY A SPIDER!!!!!" "Ok. Ok. I agree, god." Poof! God turned him into a spider "Now what god?" God said, "SQUEEZE YOUR ASS. DO THIS...MMMMMMM!!" "Push?" "YES WHEN YOU DO THIS..MMMMMM! YOUR SPIDER WEB SHALL COME OUT." "Ok God.........MMMMMMMMMMMM!" *POP!* and Steve was now spitting out spider wed from his ass "NOW STEVE GO DOWN TO EARTH USING YOUR SPIDER WEB." And so Steve pushed and pushed and he was going down to earth nice and calmly. ?MMMMMMMMMMMM! Hey this is easy, MMMMMMMMM, I think I?m gonna like being a spider.? Then suddenly Steve heard Adam?s voice, "DUDE STEVE! WAKE UP! YOU'RE TAKING A SHIT ON THE BED AGAIN MAN!!"

funniness: 5.56

rating: PG