kris s.

Two hunters are in the forest, looking for rabbits and dear and things like this. They come across a narrow looking path and, finally seeing the first rabbit for a while, decide to follow it. They chased it for a while and then realised they were off the pathway. Suddenly, a huge deadly looking snake comes up to them and bites the first hunter. He is not well looking and by the time the other guy has gotten his cell phone, he lookes dead. The man calls the ambulance and tells them that his friend is dead and that he did not know what to do because the snake may be near by. The ambulance replied, "That kind of snake will not come again, right now you have to stop assuming and make sure he really is dead before you say it." The ambulance man then hears a loud BANG! followed by the man back on the phone, saying "Now what?"

funniness: 4.47

rating: PG