Lexi B.

A cowboy named Joe lived far out in the country. He did not have a car but rode his horse Leroy to church every Sunday Morning. Leroy was an old horse and one day while Joe was riding him, he just fell over and died. Now Joe was deeply sad on account of that horse being his best friend (and only means of transportation) so he decided to get a new horse. He walked the rest of the way to church and sat in the back of the pews until the service was over. Joe was still sitting there when the preacher came over to him. He could tell something was wrong and he asked Joe, "My dear Brother, What is wrong?" So Joe told him about Leroy and the dilemma he was in. The preacher said, "I'll tell you what, I've been looking for a new owner for a horse of mine. He is a young horse and has been taught only two words that are needed to stop and go..come by my house tommorow and I will show him to you." Joe was so happy that he was in high spirits for the rest of the day. When the next morning came, Joe headed right over to the preacher's house to look at the horse. "Well this here is Faith,"said the preacher. Now I only have one thing to tell you, he only responds to two words, to make him run, you have to say, Praise the Lord. To make him stop, say Hallelujah. That is all, take care now! So Joe rode off, he was so happy that he rode all the way up the top of a mountain as fast as he could...but he couldn't make the horse stop. The horse kept picking up speed.....faster an faster....Joe tried everything he could to make Faith stop, WHOA< STOP SLOW DOWN!!!!! Until finally he remembered, "HALLELUJAH!!!!!" Joe hollered, and Faith stopped, right before the edge of the cliff. Joe was so relieved that he took off his cowboy hat, raised it high in the air and said, "Praise The Lord!"

funniness: 5.86

rating: G