Courtney F.

One day, the previous Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin, was in the hospital and eventually died of a heartattack. Before he decided where he wanted his soul to go, he had to spend three days in Heaven and three days in Hell. He went down to Hell where he met with Satan, who told him, "Paul, I'm so glad we can finally meet! Let me show you around" Paul was astounded by the green fields and lush golf courses, and he saw a bunch of his friends down there sipping on martinis. Through the next three days, Paul had a great time playing golf and drinking. After his three day period in Hell, he went to the holy gates of Heaven. God opened the gates of Heaven and welcomed Paul with open arms. Through the next few days in Heaven, Paul enjoyed the calmness, peace, love, and joy. But it just wasn't the same without his friends there with him. It was time for Paul to make his decision. "God, thanks for the love you showed me, but I feel more at home in Hell with my friends," stated Paul. "I hope you feel that you made the right decision." When Paul went down to Hell again to meet with the Devil, he wasn't at all expecting to see what was coming his way. There were no more lush fields, martinis, or happy friends. It was dark, red, dirty, hot, and everybody was groaning away at the work Satan was making them doing. "I don't understand! Through the three days I spent here, there was lots of happiness and fun stuff going on! What happened?!" screeched Paul. With a sly smile, the Devil put his arm around Paul and said, "During your three day period here we were campaigning. Today, you voted for us."

funniness: 5.96

rating: PG