Anna S.

so 6 year old danny loves to spy on his sister. one day he was spying on her behind the curtains whil his sisters boyfriend was there.He was fascinated at what was going on. At 1st it was what they usually did. Hugging, kissing, rolling around. They were screaming and sighing and stuff.Hen, something amazing happened. a huge stick jumped out of her boyfriends pants.Her boy friend unzipped his pants and let it out. it was huge and wrinkly.Sister started praying to god and then put her mouth on the stick and started sucking it Her boyfriend was moving his butt in a funny way and sis was too. Her boyfriend started squeezing these 2 big lumps under shirt and put his other hand inside her pants. Sister was sighing and panting. She stopped sucking on the stick and took off her underwear. Her boyfriend did too. There was a hole near sister's butt and that is where her boyfriend put the stick. THey screamed and sighed and they did that for hALF an hour. then the stick came out. sis screamed WE FORGOT THE CONDOM!! her boyfriend put this rubbery thing on the stick. Her boyfrend licked her hole and put the stick back in. they kissed and hugged. Sis ter stroked the stick and licked it. they then fell asleep while the stick was still in the hole AND SIS'S BOYFRIENDS was on one of her lumps. When they woke up sis moved her butt all over the stick. Danny thought it all looked really fun and wanted to do the same thing the next day witha girl ar=t school.

funniness: 1.71

rating: R