David S.

One day there was this man driving in a car when it ran out of gas.Luckily, he was right in front of a church. He went up to the church and entered. He asked a very nice-looking priest, "My car ran out of gas and i'm 125 miles away from home, so can I stay here for the night?" The priest told him to make himself at home. The man came across a very mysterious door and said,"Can I see what's in there?" The priest replied,"You have to become a priest to find out." The man asked, "How do I do that?" The priest said, "You have to count every blade of grass in the world." The man did and returned. The priest gave him a key to the door. He unlocked the first door and the many doors behind it and got to the end. I don't know what it is because i'm not a priest, and you have to be a priest to find out.

funniness: 2.44

rating: PG