Kieran M.

Three guys go to a bar one night. After 10 beer each , they drunkenly stumbled home. When they saw each other the next day they regailed each other of what they could remeber after getting home. The First guy said, "When I got home last night I blew Chunks." The second guy said, " I pissed all over my couch." And the third guy had some trouble in saying, "When I got home... I had VOILENT diariah!! I'm so glad that I leave for work before the cleaning lady cleans my room!!!!" After discussing the sencond and third man agreed that the third man's was the worst of the three. In protest the first man exclaimed, "You don't get it... I BLEW CHUNKS!!" The second man's response was "SO! At least you could have taken some Graavol and lay down!" "No," said the first guy, " you REALLY don't see... My DOG'S NAME is Chunks!"

funniness: 5.18

rating: PG-13