matthew g.

DONKEY RAPERS are really prep wanna bees that have no life. if you give them a dollar then they will go and screw a donkey. HITLER he was killed by himslef, because santa did not come to his aid. after all santa was in the hotel around the corner getting violently molested by his rapid green elf that is gay. the green elf likes to call santa his fat redneck bastard, and his big red behemoth. this elf was blown up once, by sam, and then he was really sad. more kids got raped that year. then santa found a way to resurrenct his green elf. he has been happy ever since. but we are now working on a way to blow up his rapid green elf that is gay. but then we found out that the green elf had an affair with the rapid gay bear, and then santa found out and then he burned the green elf for what he did. but then santa got sad again so he had to resurrect the elf once more. santa had his first marrige to a man named cristina, he was inviergarated by this when he found out, but the he found out that cristina was fondling kids as well. all bonds were broken. but back to the piont- hitler shot his wife and his dog named wife. hitler was not crazy but the people around him were. hitler dominaited for a reason and he also killed for a reason. MANATEES are to be fed pie daily. no one may pass into south america until they feed a manatee pie. none may harmt em in any way or capture them for fondling because of the protection act passed by the south american government. RAPID GAY BEAR is a bear that is rapod and gay. he is in a caged up north were he likes to fondle little kids.he has a special pinecone, that he likes to shove up his victums asses. everyone who goes to the bear fears him for what he deos. he deos not kno when to stop when it comes ro domonation time. he sometimes gets very violent. SANTA really a big fat child molester. just think about it, he sneaks into your hosue when you are sleeping once a year. so what deos he do to you when you are sleeping. he akso whips his reindeer, and he also fondles his elves. about the elves he has a green elf, that he like a whole lot. he likes ofr this elf to call him a fat redneck bastard when they have sex. and he also let hitler die on the street corner. FLIPPER is a dolphoin that makes porno. his series was always about trying to dominate the people on the show. when it comes to domonation time he also gets violent. he lives in the middle of the atlantic ocean, were he has his shamoo palace that was once held up by the manatees of today. he had an affair with only on person, the rapid gay bear. but he walked in on him and santa doing somehting together. flipper and santa also had an affir that did not last long.

funniness: 2.17

rating: PG-13