Mystery S.

There ounce was a three guys and they live in the hospital cause they all are mental. Then one night they escape and got hit by a truck so they went to hell. When they went to hell they meet the devil and the devil said "If you ask me a question and I can not answers it you will go back to earth again". So the first person ask "Who the most handsome guy in the world?" and the devil answers "Me" and it was wrong because the real answers is "No one" but the devil was angry because it suppose to be him that is the most handsome guy in the world so the first guy went to hell. Then the Next guy come and ask him "Why am I here?" and the devil answer "because you are dead" and that was a correct answers so he went to hell. Then the last person come and poke 10 hole in a chair and farth and he ask "which hole does my farth come out?" so the devil said hole no.1,no.2 and he said every hole buy it's all wrong and the real answers is "Butt hole"

funniness: 2.60