Antoine G.

A farmer came home early after his fortnightly trip to the market, and upon entering the house heard the sound of highly energetic lovemaking coming from the bedroom. Fearing the worst and in a terrible rage, he grabbed his shotgun and rushed into the bedroom where he was met with the sight of his beautiful wife, stark naked, astride his equally naked farmhand in the throws of passion. Furious, the farmer ordered the terrified lad out of the house and into a small workshed out in the yard. Once inside, the farmer pushed the farmhand towards the workbench and secured his exposed member in a vice, next to a rusty old hacksaw blade. "You're not going to cut it off, are you?" Begged the farmhand. "No" replied the farmer, "You are!! I'm going to set fire to the shed!!"

funniness: 7.27

rating: PG