Nathan V.

At a party one evening, a new couple by the names of Steve and Amy were having a jolly time when an older looking pair walked up to them. When Steve saw this particularly ugly couple, he grabbed Amy and walked away with her saying, "Those ugly people are starting to freak me out" Then Amy replied, "But Steve..." yet he would not listen. Later that night, while eating dinner, the ugly couple once again approached Steve and Amy. This time Steve started walking away again saying to Amy, "Those ugly idiots just dont get the picture..." "But Steve!", said Amy "Sshhhhh! They just want to be seen with some one that is better looking than them." So Steve and Amy once again walked away. For the third time that evening, the ugly couple approached them. This time Steve got really angry and yelled "WHY IN THE WORLD WON'T YOU UGLY S.O.B'S LEAVE US ALONE?!?!?" "But Steve..." "I KNOW THAT YOU ARE JUST PROBABLY POOR JERKS THAT WANT TO BEG SOME MONEY OUT OF US!" "Steve!" "WELL GUESS WHAT?!?! YOU CAN HAVE ONE DOLLAR FROM ME AND YOU CAN GO **** IT!!!!!" Amy then yelled "STEVE!!!!!" Finally he heard her, turned around, and said "WHAT?" "I'd like you to meet my parents." "OH ****!"

funniness: 7.20

rating: PG