Elliot C.

A man walked into a bar and saw a poster on the wall saying do these 3 challenges and win a ferrari. He asks the barman what they are. Barman: The first one is you have to knock out Big Tony the mafia boss. The Man: Yeah whateva mate he'll kill me! Barman: Next challenge. My rockweiler downstairs hasnt eaten for days because of her wobbly tooth. You have to pull it out. The Man: Jesus Christ she'll eat me! Whats the final one? Barman: My grandma hasnt had sex for 65 years. You have to give her a good time. The Man: Maybe not but i'll have a pint. Half an hour later the man's drunk as a skunk. Goes over to big tony and knocks him out in one punch. He goes down stairs and shuts the door. You hear a lot of whining and barking. The man comes up and says: "Where's your Grandma with the wobbly tooth?"

funniness: 6.00

rating: PG-13