Karla D.

A boss of a major company hires 1 worker too many. He then narrows it down to 2 newly acquired members and cannot decide who to lay off, Jack or Tina. They both have the exact same skills and are excellent workers. He decides that he will lay off the first person who goes to the water cooler on Monday morning. Tina arrives at work with a terrible hang over form a party the night before. She gets some aspirin out of her purse and proceeds to walk over to the water cooler. The boos realizes he must lay off Tina. The boss walks over to Tina and says, "Tina, I have a problem. I can't decides whether to lay you or Jack off." Tina replies, "Can't you just jack off because I've got a terrible hang over."

funniness: 5.50

rating: PG-13