Christine C.

There are two old men, Moe and Joe who are linked by baseball, they are best friends. When Joe gets very sick, and is laying in his death-bed, Moe is there by his side. Moe askes Joe, "Joe, I need you to do one thing for me. Find out weather there's baseball in heaven?" And Joe passes on. A week later, Moe is laying in his bed and hears a voice, saying "MOE!...MOE!...MOE! Moe wake up!" Moe sits up in bed and looks around and says "Who is it?" The voice says "It's me, Joe!" Moe replies "Joe? It couldn't be Joe, he died a week ago!" Joe's spirt then says "Moe, I did what you told me to do. There is good news and bad news." Moe belives that it is Joe and says "Okay, what is the good news?" Joe replies happily "There is baseball in heaven!" Moe replies "...and the bad news?" Joe slowly replies "You're pitching Tuesday."

funniness: 5.47

rating: G