Drew L.

One day a man was running around town to find a pet for his son. After walking into a dozen cheap pet stores he finnaly finds one that has a decent amount of healthy looking animals. While strolling down the bird isle he becomes vey interested in a very colorful parrot and starts to read the little card that tells you about the animal, only to be interupted by the store manager."I see that you find that to be an interesting parrot there sir," the manager obiously points out."I don't tell this to anyone but you look like a trustworthy gentleman who would take great care of this exotic bird. This parrot has a very musical talent. It will sing a christmas carol when one part of its body gets quite warm." The man thinks about this musical talent and decides to buy the parrot. When the man gets gome he remembers the tell-tale singing talent of the bird and figures he has nothing to lose if he trys it.He takes a lighter and starts by warming up the parrots wing. It to sing Jingle Bells. Amused, the man does various parts of the parrots body until there is only one part left, the parrots crotch. giggling with exitement, he warms up the parrots 'private part' and starts to sing,"Chestnuts roasting over an open fire!"

funniness: 4.67

rating: PG