chase g.

A little boy recieved a duck for his birthday. He was real happy with it, so he decided to take his a duck out and show it off. He meet a little girl who loved his duck. The little girl said, how about you give me that duck for a fuck. The little boys says, well that sounds fair. After they fuck, the little boy goes home. The mother asks him where the duck is, he tells her that he gave it away. She makes the little boy go get it back. The little boy finds the girl and tells her what his mom told him to do. He says how about I give you a fuck for the duck so its fair. The little girl says alrights and so they do the nasty thing again. After there done fucking, they little boys starts going home. On the way home a guy runs over his duck. The guy gets out of his car and is real sorry for what he did. What can I do he says, the boy says well i got that duck for my birthday and if i dont bring him home am screwed. The man says how about i give you two bucks. The boys says okay and goes on home. When he gets inside, the mother asks how was you day billy? He says well: I got a duck for a fuck, a fuck for a duck and 2 dollars for a fucked up duck.

funniness: 4.36

rating: R