Kaitlin M.

There once was a girl named Sarah. Her religion was she could only wear skirts. She went to a public school and had a bunch of friends. One day a boy came up to her and told her that he would give her 1$ if she climbed the flagpole. She agreed, so she clibed all the way up top and then back down and got her dollar. She went home from school and showed her mom the dollar bill. Her mom asked her how she got the dollar, and she said she climbed the flagpole. Her mom warned her that they were only trying to see her underwear, but Sarah didn't listen. So the next day she went to school and the same boy told her that he would give her 2$ if she climbed the flagpole, so she agreed. Again she went home and showed her mom the money she had gotten for climbing the flagpole. Her mom just shook her head and told her they were just trying to see her underwear. Sarah didn't listen to her mother, though. She did the same thing everyday, adding up to her collection of money. It would be a pattern, 3$, 4$, 5$, 6$, and so on and so forth. One day she came home and showed her mom 10$ for climbing the flagpole. This time her mom became angry and scolded Sarah for not listening to her. Her mother insisted that they were just trying to see her underewear and demanded her to stop. Sarah just looked up at her mom and said, "I'm not wearing any underwear today."

funniness: 5.43

rating: PG