Tyler B.

There was 4 aliens who crash landed on earth on day on a trip to mars. The aliens where able to learn one sentance of the new human language. so the aliens split up. the first one goes across the street where he hears a boy scream i did i did so the alien learns that. the second alien goes across the street where a strager stole a girls loly pop. and the alien hears the girl say "he stole my loly pop!" so the alien learns that. The third alein goes to a farm and hears "forks and knives" so he learns that. The last alien sits infront of a t.v. and turns it on and hears "plug it in plug it in" so he learns that.... So the four aliens regroup and say what they've learned over and over to eachother when they walk into a murder sean and a cop says who killed this man and the first alien says I DID I DID! ........ The cop asks why he did it and the second alien says HE STOLE MY LOLY POP!...... The cop asks What did you kill him with ? The third alien says FORKS AND KNIVES!.......So the cop says one last time... Im sorry but im going to have to put you in the electric chair and the last alien shouts! PLUG IT IN PLUG IT IN!

funniness: 2.60

rating: PG