John P.

One day while Jimmy was doing his English homework, he came across an interesting word in the dictionary. The word was Furknutt. Jimmy had never heard it before. But, when he went to look at the definition he found that it had been violently crossed out in black pen. Jimmy was puzzled. The next day in school Jimmy raised his hand during English class. "Yes, Jimmy" the teacher said, "Ma'am, what dose Furknutt mean?" Jimmy asked politly, "HOW DARE YOU!", the teacher shouted, "GO STRAIGHT TO THE PRINCIPALS OFFICE NOW!" When Jimmy got to the principals offic the principal looked down on him sadly and said "What the trouble, Jimmy?" "I don't know sir, all I did was ask what Furknutt means." "NEVER IN ALL MY YEAR JIMMY!" he yelled. Then he expelled Jimmy from school. When Jimmy got home his parents asked "Jimmy what could you have possibly done to get you expelled from school like that?" "All I wanted to know was what Furknutt meant." Jimmy said His parents were so outraged that they disowned him and kicked him out of the house. Alone and on the street Jimmy stayed in an allyway with some helpless bums. One night when he was hudled around a small fire he asked one of the bums. "Do you know what Furknutt means?" "Personaly, I'm not in the liberty to tell you. But, I know a guy, who knows a guy who could tell you. He lives in a large apartment on Autum Road, forth floor, room C14." Jimmy followed the old bums directions straight to the mystrious man door. He knocked. "Who is it?" said a voice "Someone told me you could tell me what Furknutt means." Jimmy said back, There was a pause... "Go across the street, there's a payphone there, I'll call you and tell you." he said Jimmy took the elevator down stairs, walked out the lobby door, crossed the street but was hitt by a car! :)

funniness: 3.14

rating: PG