Tyler B.

There was 2 men at a bar talking... man#1:Hey I need you To Whatch my purple garlia when Im gone this week man#2:Dude NO!, You dont have a purple garlia As the 2 talked a man over hears and says "i'll watch your garlia... but you have to show it to me first" So as the man takes the other man from the bar to his backyard he goes through one wood door and metal door and one steel door. As the 2 men reach the backyard they come to a dock and both men get inside a boat... They sail out for about and hour when they reach another dock. The 2 men get out and walk about 100 yard when they come to the garlia and the man screams! you got a purple garlia! So he replies yes and i need you to take care of it while im gone... But One thing... you can never poke the garlia. That other man agree's and comes every day to feed and water the garlia until one day he comes to the cage and gets so curious to why he can't poke the purple garlia and just puts his finger into the cage a POKES! the garlia.... Nothing happend until 5 minutes later the garlia starts freaking out violently........ The garlia breaks through the cage and the man runs fast to the boat and rows as fast as he can with the garlia running so fast hes walking on the water... The man gets back to the dock and runs through the steel, metal, and wood door and locks them all.... the man stops and the garlia breaks through the doors. The man starts running again in the streets for about 5 miles and just gives up and falls down on the ground waiting for his death... as the purple garlia approches the garlia jumps in the air and pokes the man and says "tag your it!"

funniness: 6.36

rating: G