kris s.

A blond walks into a small shop around the corner. She asks a store person for the price of the microwave in the corner. He says " No, im very sorry madam. The shopowner says that he can't serve blonds you see, his ex was one and he now has a grudge. The blond walkes out of the store, but she now has a plan. She dies her hair a natural color of red. She askes a different employee for the same microwave. He tells her the same thing the other one told her before. She goes home dissapointed, thinking that her roots may have been showing. The following day, She has another idea. She shaves her hair off and even her eyebrows, she shaves off. She is now completely bald and has not a speck of hair. She comes to the store and askes him for the microwave, he says no and tells her the same story as the others told her. She then gives up and askes him how he knew. He replies simply, "Sorry madam, but, thats a radio not a microwave.

funniness: 4.75

rating: G