k- c.

this is simmiler to other jokes but isnt the same and is a pretty old joke but noone has sumbitted it yet little jonny needed to learn the abc for homework and went to go ask his mom ,"whats the first letter of the alphabet?" "screw off!" she yelled for she just cut herslf making dinner so he went to his brothers room and asked whats the second letter of the alphabet and he answerd ,"nanananana batman!" because he was watching an episodeof batman then he walked off and went to ask his dad what the 3rd letter was of the alphabet and his dad sang ,"in the garbage ,in the garbage, that's where we will go," for he was cleaning outthe trash. the next day his teacher asked him what the first letter ofthe alphabet was, "Screw off!" asnwerd jonny "who do you think you are?" asked the teacher surprised "nanananana batman" thats it im calling home, where do you live?" "in the garbage in the garbge ,thats where we wil go."

funniness: 3.17

rating: PG