kieran c.

There was this kid, and he was new in town and had just moved in his new school. "Right, whats your name then?" asked the Teacher. "I don't know" he replied "Ok, then , How old are you?" "I don't know that either" " Right tonoight as your special homework you can find out what your name is and how old you are" So at the little boys house... "Mum, how old am i?" Mum while reading the newspaper. "FUCK OFF" " Ok thank you" He then trots along the hallway to the games room. " Dad how old am i " Dad while playing darts "180!!! " he got treble 20 3 times He then goes up the stairs and hears his sister singing "I can't get you outta my head" by Kylie Minouge. "NA NA NA NA NA NA-NA NA NA NA NA" Then, He walks along the hallway and hears his brother shouy "Im playing in my little blue car" So, The next day... "Whats your name?" "Fuck Off" "....... HOW OLD ARE YOU!" " 180!!!!!!!" " DO YOU WANT TO SEE THE PRINCIPAL" " NA NA NA NA NA NA-NA NA NA NA NA" " THATS IT HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET OUTTA THIS ONE? " In My Little blue car!"

funniness: 5.65

rating: PG